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There are hundreds of cocktails that we can talk about and make for your party. I decided to leave these six each one is unique with a special memory to share as you read below. Also they all look (and taste) sensational. 

Bitter sYmphony

Very elegant and smooth bitter flavor with a sweet almond finish. In this drink, I use a very unusual amount of Angostura bitters. Normally we talk just about a dash or two but here I use more than an ounce! I combine it with bourbon, almond syrup and fresh squeezed lemon juice. 

I got the idea to combine these ingredients together in a simple little bar in Marseille (South France). It was January 2015, a little cold, windy and a very quiet day. The very charming bartender used cognac and probably less Angostura. But it tasted brilliant. I memorized their recipe and make my own version.  


Ingredients:  Angostura bitters, bourbon, almond syrup, lemon juice.

Glass: Nick & Nora

Berry sour

Do you want to steal the show? You need to hold this cocktail in your hand. It looks absolutely beautiful, sexy, and refined. Combination of Gin Mare (Spain), raspberries, demerara sugar, Ramazzotti rosato and lime would guarantee success any day. But, the real game changer is the egg white. It changes the texture, richness, and most importantly it creates the beautiful foam.

This is the most complicated inspiration on this list of cocktails. In summer 2014 I was supposed to go to Venice with my first wife, well she left me before the trip, but I decided to go to the city of lovers and honeymooners without her. I had an absolute blast there. On one of those mornings/afternoons I went to Harry's bar to try their famous Bellini (they invented it and it's nothing like you know from NYC bottomless brunches. It is an absolutely beautiful pink peachy sparkly foamy drink).

Since that day I had an idea to make a pink foamy drink with gin because I really love gin. Berry sour is what I came up with. 

Ingredients: Gin Mare, Ramazzotti rosato, demerara syrup, lime, raspberries, egg white.

Glass: Coupe 

Caribbean dancer

This refreshing fruity summer drink (yes you can enjoy it in winter as well) is based on rum from Caribbean islands. I actually use two - dark Meyers from Jamaica and white Bacardi from Cuba. Combine those two with pineapple, coconut water, lime and almond syrup, finish it with splash of grenadine and you get absolutely amazing flavorful fruity cocktail. 

Have two or three and you'll be the king of the dance floor.

Of course the inspiration is coming from Jamaica when I traveled there in February 2017 with one of my best friends. Imagine a beach bar in the middle of the hot night - reggae and girls surrounding you everywhere. Sometimes we needed a  little escape - drink! They always mix their amazing rum with their fresh tasteful fruits - how simple, right? I wanted to make it little bit more interesting and better looking (unfortunately we don't really get to drink out of coconut very often here in NYC). 

Ingredients: Meyers rum, Bacardi rum, pineapple, coconut water, lime juice, almond syrup, angostura.

Glass: highball

Port dock hattan

My twist on a Manhattan. Some would probably say it looks more like an Old Fashioned. I'll give you that. 

For this spirited extremely rich and little sweet cocktail I use Sagamore Rye whiskey, Port wine, honey, orange and chocolate bitters. I believe that this is the best cocktail from the Manhattan/Old fashioned family I've ever had (so far). 

It's not easy to say where and when I got the inspiration to make this one. Every NYC bar has its version of Manhattan and Old Fashioned. But I think the biggest influence on me was a bar in Porto (Portugal). It was right by the dock. They used Port wine instead of sweet vermouth. I loved that. 

Since then I have worked on this drink more than on any other. The flavors have been evolving along with me. 

Ingredients: Sagamore Rye Whiskey, Port wine, honey, orange and chocolate bitters.

Glass: rocks glass

Amaretto heaven

This is my twist on classic Amaretto sour. I like to add rye whiskey to make it little stronger and less sweet. High quality sugar is extremely important along with grated nutmeg on top of that beautiful foam. 


In summer 2013 I made little trip across Italy and one of my stops was San Marino. It is a very romantic little town/country on the mountain with breathtaking views of Adriatic see. I had to have a drink in a local bar that was really high -  you could have almost touched the clouds. I ordered their Amaretto sour. Light foam on the cocktail made me feel like I was swimming in clouds above the sea and that's why I call it Heaven. 

Ingredients: Disaronno, Sagamore Rye Whiskey, demerara syrup, lemon juice, egg white, nutmeg.

Glass: Coupe martini

Irish coffee

Sometimes perfection exists and you shouldn't try to change anything. This is that case. The Dead Rabbit (my favorite cocktail bar in NYC makes a truly fantastic Irish coffee - the best in the world). Trust me they really know what they are doing there. 

When I tried it for the first time I was left in shock. I didn't know that Irish coffee could be this delicious. I asked the bartender how they do it, and the answer was easy. He grabbed a book called Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual and showed me the complete recipe. And of course I had to buy that book.


Irish coffee is perfect for any occasion. It works as a starter or as a digestif with desert. Or in the middle of the night when you getting tired. I love to drink it on a Sunday afternoon after brunch. 

Ingredients: Irish whiskey, coffee, demerara syrup, heavy cream, nutmeg.

Glass: Irish Coffee glass

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