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I quit my dream job in NYC so you can experience Manhattan in Prague!


About me

From 2016 to 2022 I worked at some of the best bars and restaurants in NYC. I had the pleasure to serve hundreds of celebrities including three NYC Mayor's, Mick Jagger, NY Rangers team, Ivanka Trump and Derek Kushner, Mario Lemieuex, Adrien Brody, Taylor Swift, Jeff Bezos, Novak Djokovic, Madonna, Angelina Jolie and many more people you´ve probably heard about. 

I had the pleasure to work for the best hospitality businesses in the USA, like Tao Group which is a fast paced and high volume money making company. They are number #1 in the USA in sales. I started there as a bartender in one of their busiest places (Beauty&Essex)in NYC and then built my way up into their first fine dining restaurant Feroce ristorante where as a head bartender: overlooked a team of 10 people and created a cocktail list. Feroce was named the best new Italian restaurant in the world in 2019. 

During covid  we had to close our door. After just a few weeks of lock down in the Upper East Side I got very bored and started filming low-budget home videos about cocktails and bartending. Just for fun.

(At that time I didn´t know that the videos got the attention of some of the greatest names in the hospitality industry…).

Then in early 2020 I was informed Daniel Boloud is opening a new restaurant in the brand new and most expensive skyscraper in North America. I decided to try my luck and applied for the job. Out of 350 bartenders he chose me as the one who's gonna lead the team of his biggest bar in such an aspiring project called Le Pavillon (after the best restaurant in NYC between 40's to 60's). 

At Le Pavillon I created the cocktail menu, picked, and trained the right team that serves hundreds of guests every day and is up to the standards of Michelin and Forbes. For its impeccable service, food, cocktails, and wine program the restaurant became an absolute hit and is sold out every night. Le Pavillon already received the highest possible rating from Forbes and it's first Michelin star.

Now when I made it to the top of the NYC restaurant scene I realized my time in New York has come to the end. 

It's time to bring my experience and knowlage to my beloved hometown Prague in Czech Republic.

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